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Learning & Training Resources

Below are some of our favorite links to other Go resources available on the internet. Learn from scratch with the Interactive Way to Go at or become strong studying professional games at an Online Go Encyclopedia of professional games, study material, professional profiles and much more. Download professional games to study. helps you practice solving thousands of problems of varying difficulty using a Java applet.
Sensei's Library: an online Go wikipedia which is a collaborative web site. Any one can edit pages.
The Go Teaching Ladder: review and get games reviewed. If you want to know what went wrong in your last game you can submit it for review by a stronger player. By joining you may also make yourself available to review games for other less strong players.
The Interactive Way To Go: hosted by is a step by step approach to learning from scratch. This method uses lots of examples for you to practice with. There are versions in 30 languages!
Go Sensations: a review site covering top games from internet servers, run by Alexander Dinerchtein 3p
361 Points: English go site, covers top news, title match SGFs, etc.

Last updated Sept. 30, 2014