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No web site on Go can provide all the answers on a game that's been around for possibly 4000 years or more. If your question wasn't answered elsewhere on this site you may find it here. These are responses to real questions we have been asked. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to use our contact form.

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Byo-yomi time The HGC Web site states that the Fall Tournament games will give each player 45min + 3 byo-yomi at 30 seconds each. Would you please explain this overtime format? At what point does one run out of time? Byo-yomi periods are like little extra clocks tacked on to the end of regular play time. Once your regular time runs out the first byo-yomi clock starts counting down. If you play before it runs out (30 seconds in this case), then it resets itself back to a full 30 seconds for your next move. If you ever let it run completely out it shuts down and you start using the next byo-yomi clock. If you play during this second byo-yomi clock, the second period resets to full value but not the first. If you ever let your final byo-yomi time run completely out you forfeit the game on time.

Basically, byo-yomi is a way to speed up play once a player has let his main time run out. As long as you make a move every 30 seconds you will never run out of time. If you think a bit more than 30 seconds on a given move then you lose a byo-yomi period. Having more than one byo-yomi period lets you spend a little extra time thinking about a critical move near then end, but you can only do that a few times.

Our clocks take care of regular and byo-yomi time for you. Once main time is over with, the clocks will show you how many byo-yomi periods you have left and how many seconds left on the current period. When you get into the last 10 seconds of the current period, the clock will beep at you as a warning. They reset themselves automatically when you make your move and press the button. You don't have to do anything different with the clock during byo-yomi time than you did during regular time. You just have to play a little faster.

Our Chronos clocks show the total time left during byo-yomi time. So for 3x30sec it will show a time of 1:30 and reset to that if the next move is made inside 30 sec.

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Updated Sept. 30, 2014