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In order to keep to a tournament schedule, it is traditional to use game clocks to allow each player sufficient time but not too much time to complete their games. Often times games will finish without one's time running out.

There are two types of time: basic time and byo-yomi time. Basic time is a block of time usually 30, 45 or 60 min. long. Each player is free to use this time at their discretion making as many or as few moves as needed. Byo-yomi time is a collection of 3-5 periods that begins when basic time runs out. Each period is typically 30 to 60 sec. long. Moves should be completed before one of the periods runs out. When all the periods run out the player forfeits the game. See our FAQ for a more detailed description.

Normally, we use our Chronos clocks for all our tournaments. If there are insufficient Chronos Clocks we can also use Ing Clocks. Below are our instructions for using either the Chronos Clocks or the Ing Clocks. These instructions are also provided to players at our tournaments. We offer them here as a courtesy to participants.

Instructions for Using the Chronos Clocks

Chronos clocks are light gray/green as shown on the right.

1. To turn on the clock:
Hold both black buttons down while turning the switch on (it's easier to position the clock upside-down for this step). The switch is located on the base of the clock. You will see GO-J2 on the screen.

2. To set the Handicap times:
Tap the left black button once, you will see the basic time of 0:45:00 on both windows. The byo-yomi time is already preset.

3. To start the clock:
Tap a black button once. A red indicator light will shine showing which player's clock is running.

4. To pause the clock:
Push the center red button once. Tap a black button once to resume the clock.

5. Byo-yomi Display:
The sum of byo-yomi time will be shown on the screen when you have exhausted your basic time. You will see 1:30 (mm:ss) (3x30sec) on your screen. If you always use less than 30 seconds for a move, your clock will return to show 1:30 again for the next move. The clock will beep warnings as each period approaches completion.

6. Forfeit Display:
When you spend all your byo-yomi times, a flashing FOR-FEIT will show on your clock to indicate that you have run out of time and forfeited your game.

Instructions for Using the Ing Clocks

On the red Ing Clocks, 'BT' stands for Basic Time and 'RS' for Running Seconds. We normally call Running Seconds 'byo-yomi'. Ing clocks will speak expiring time warnings in English or Chinese.

1. To turn on the clock.
Make sure the ON/OFF button is depressed.

2. Set the Basic Time.
Make sure the SET/RUN button is depressed.
Make sure the BT/RS button is depressed. (Pressing the large black button repeatedly sets hours.)
Press repeatedly or hold down the large white button to set minutes.

3. Set Byo-yomi.
(Make sure the SET/RUN button is depressed.)
Make sure the BT/RS button is up.
Press repeatedly or hold down the large black button to set the number of byo-yomi periods.
Press repeatedly or hold down the large white button to set the number of seconds in each byo-yomi period. (Note that 00 seconds is actually 60 seconds the maximum possible.)

4. To start the clock:
Make sure the RUN button is up. (White presses his/her large button to start Black's time.)

5. To pause the clock:
Depress the SET/RUN button.
Press the SET/RUN button again to change it to the up position to resume.

6. To set the language:
Use each player's ENG/CHI button to select the chosen language: depressed for English, up for Chinese.

7. To control the sound level of the voice:
Adjust the slider control on the side as necessary.

Updated Sept. 30, 2014