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About Go

There has been much introductory material written about Go. You can see some of this on the AGA web page, look for the "What is Go" link. It is also called "Wei-Chi" in China, "Paduk" in Korea and "Igo" in Japan, though spellings in the Roman alphabet can vary. It is played extensively in these and other Asian countries. Most western languages incorporate "Go" somewhere in the name, e.g. "jeu de Go" in French, literally "game of Go".

Go is a game of black and white stones played on the intersections of a two-dimensional grid. The image on the right is a small section of a full size board with 19x19 intersections. Some of us like to think of Go has having just two rules (with lots of consequences and corollaries), the second of which (ko) may not even be invoked in many games. Because of the number of combinations of moves, complexity grows quickly. Identifying patterns and being able to read moves ahead become key skills.

There are four basic ideas to learning Go: building walls to surround territory (empty intersections), capturing stones, preventing stones from being captured (life) and scoring. Please stop by any of our game meets and we would love to explain more. You might like to try The Interactive Way to Go by Hiroki Mori for some basic lessons.

About Us

The Houston Go Club is a non-profit organization established in Houston that strives to provide the best possible environment for playing Go, teaching Go, learning Go and competing in Go. See our History for more background.

We have participated in local events, such as the Japan Festival, in order to attract new players to Go and new players in the area. The Japan Festival is always fun and has been held in and around the Japanese Gardens in Hermann Park in April since its inception.

If you would like to help us in our mission please contact us we'd love to hear from you.

Our tax ID# is 76-0370294. Since the Houston Go Club is not a 501(c)3 any donations, though very welcome, are not tax-exempt. You may make ear-marked tax-exempt donations to the AGF for use in our programs, contact the American Go Foundation for details.

Updated Sept. 30, 2014